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Digital Monk Podcast

Feb 25, 2021

In this episode we discuss the very counter intuitive yet very interesting topic of how negative reviews can positively affect your business. 

Ever see a red flag when a business has a squeaky clean and perfect page of reviews? Are you impressed when a business responds really well to negative feedback on their Google...

Feb 25, 2021

What is it with podcasts? Everyone seems to have one these days.

Don't get left behind on this hugely beneficial trend. In this Episode we discuss why a podcast is crucial for your brand and how launching one does not need to be intimidating or expensive. 

Learn about why businesses are launching podcasts and...

Feb 17, 2021

Social media is an attractive medium. It's shiny, beautiful and brings you that feeling of connection, engagement and validation...

But SEO, in all of its technical glory, is what brings traffic to your channels and ensures the right people are finding your business when they are ready to buy.

Both are crucial to a...

Feb 11, 2021

In this episode we discuss the affect that 2020 has had on current marketing trends, and how business owners can use the top 5 changes to stay current and ahead of competition. 

Visit for more or email to discuss your marketing...

Aug 26, 2020

Instagram is rolling out opportunities to monetize from your account. 

This is going to be a game changer for accounts with large followings and will also provide opportunities for businesses to up their advertising game. 

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